1. send me a ☆ and i will say your url / anything you want on vocaroo and post it.



    • My favorite thing about them
    • My least favorite thing about them
    • Do I find them attractive?
    • Are we friends?
    • Would I date them?
    • Would I marry them? 
    • Would I have children with them?
    • Would I die for them? 

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  3. Send me a “?” for something my muse hasn’t had the guts to say to yours.

  4. Send me “Would you…?” asks

  5. send me kinks and ill reply with B) or B(

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  6. Send me a ✧ and I’ll introduce you to one of all the muses I ever had.

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  7. Send me a symbol to recieve one of the following from my muse

    Send  for an angry voice mail

    Send  ♠ for a prank call

    Send ☎ for an emotional voice mail 

    Send ☏ for a vague voice mail

    Send ❖ for a confession (voice mail or text, specify.)

    Send ⁇ for a worried text

    Send  for a text not meant for you

    Send ✘ for a text that should have been sent

    Send ✺ for a saucy text

    Send √ for an early morning text

    Send ☠ for misguided advice

    Send ☢ for a desperate text

    Send ☼ for a promise

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  8. Ask me about my OCs

  9. Leave a “But aren’t you and _____ dating?” in my askbox and see how my muse reacts

  10. Leave the name of a character in my ask and I’ll say one unpopular opinion I have of them

  11. Send Me ‘Mighty Need’ And I’ll Generate a Number:


    1- Rough Sex
    2- Soft Sex
    3- Kiss on any part of body
    4- Me tied to your bed for a day
    5- Passionate Kiss
    6- Quick Kiss
    7- Shower Sex
    8- Slow Sex
    9- I’m your sex slave for the day

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  12. Send me a kink/fetish, and I’ll rate it!


    scale: fuck no | no thanks | eeeh | not sure | I’d give it a shot | sure why not | omfg yes | there go my pants | holy fuck take me now

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  13. Send me “So, about..” and a url and my muse will reveal a secret regarding them and the other muse

    All answers will be read OOC unless otherwise stated!

  14. Send me “So…” to hear what my character would say to yours after casual sex.